When should I give a travel charm ?

May 2, 2024

Travel charms are unique and symbolic gifts, perfect for celebrating a loved one's past or future adventures. Whether it's a miniature globe for a seasoned globetrotter or an engraved compass for a budding explorer, these precious little objects capture the essence of travel and discovery. Here are the recommended occasions for giving this gift.

A tribute to intrepid explorers

For adventurous souls, travel enthusiasts and inveterate globetrotters, a travel charm is more than just a souvenir. It's a trophy celebrating their daring, their insatiable curiosity and their thirst for discovery. The gift of a unique piece, evocative of a particular destination or memorable experience, is a gesture of gratitude to their tireless spirit of exploration. To discover quality travel charms, see here.

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A symbol of encouragement and support 

When a loved one is about to take a trip, giving them a travel charm is a gesture of affection and encouragement. This unique piece, carefully selected or personalised, embodies the gift-giver's wishes for success and hopes. It becomes a tangible link with loved ones back home, a constant reminder of their unfailing support despite the physical distance.

Symbolic protection 

Over the centuries, travel charms have been seen as protective amulets, watching over travellers and protecting them from the perils of the road. Each motif, precious stone or precious metal incorporated into its design was thought to bring a particular blessing. Giving such a piece to a traveller was a symbolic act of protection, an additional insurance against the hazards of travel.

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For a departure on a journey

Giving a travel charm when leaving on a trip is a long-standing tradition. It symbolises the hope of a good omen and wishes for success for the traveller. Whether it's for a first solo trip, a romantic getaway or a professional expedition, a travel charm is a constant reminder of the support and encouragement of loved ones.

To celebrate a trip home

On returning from a memorable trip, it's customary to give a travel charm as a souvenir. It's a thoughtful way of sharing memories and experiences with loved ones. A charm depicting an emblematic monument or a local craft object can retrace the stages of the journey and rekindle the emotions felt.

To mark a special occasion

Travel charms aren't just for leaving and returning from a trip. They can also be given to mark a special occasion linked to exploration and discovery. A degree in geography, a first job in tourism or a budding passion for hiking can all be celebrated with a themed travel charm.

Choosing the perfect charm

When choosing a travel charm, it's important to consider the tastes and aspirations of the recipient. An adventurer might prefer a sturdy compass or an engraved world map, while a history buff might prefer a charm depicting an archaeological site or historic monument.


Whether celebrating a departure, a return or a simple passion for travel, travel charms are thoughtful and symbolic gifts that are sure to touch their recipient. By choosing a charm that reflects their personality and aspirations, you're giving them a precious keepsake they'll treasure forever.